William McCoy, PhD

Chiconcuac William J. (Bill) McCoy is Senior Advisor for market research, community engagement and economic development. He is the retired Director of the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, and former Associate Vice Chancellor for Extended Academic Programs at UNC Charlotte.

buy disulfiram uk Dr. McCoy received B.A. and M.A. degrees from Western Kentucky University and the Ph.D. degree from The University of Tennessee. He came to UNC Charlotte in 1970 as an Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department. In 1979, he joined the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute on a part-time basis and was named its Director in 1985. He retired from that position in 2001. He was selected for the North Carolina National Bank (Bank of America) Teaching Award in 1974.

During his tenure with the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, he has been involved in land use planning, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, organizational development, public opinion surveys, waste minimization, housing studies, and regional approaches to public policy. He has also published articles on planning, voting behavior, and teaching methods. Since retirement he has continued to consult on a number of community projects regarding transportation systems, regional population projections for compliance studies, public engagement for comprehensive land use plans and County planning efforts, economic development task forces, study groups and a number of other community and region-wide initiatives.